About Us

I guess we'll start at the beginning... University of Bath Gymnastics social - "Strictly come Bath". Millie and Christian first meet. After some atrocious attempts to be taught to do a dancing routine, with the odd back flip in it and some fantastically dad level jokes, phone numbers were exchanged. The next few weeks over the Christmas holidays consisted of obsessive texting/flirting and yet more punderful jokes. Start of 2016, they started dating.

Skip 24 months of university life and a tiring placement year in London... during passing conversation:

Millie: "I would love to open up a coffee shop one day"

Christian: "...Yea, okay.. I'm in... Straight after we graduate?"

Millie: "That wasn't really an invitation, but sure let's do it."

Skip final year of a Physics (Christian) and a Maths (Millie) degree with questionably pointless dissertations/projects (yes if it's not already obvious - the temperature does indeed go up when the sun comes out...), a whole load of financial forecasting, researching, planning, learning, travelling, tutoring, rejection and road blocks after more rejection and road blocks, and now you see the first significant milestone in this couple's journey...

Kekolo Coffee.

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