Our Coffee

"Having spent a lot of time in Europe, and specifically Italy, over the past few decades I developed a saying. The worst coffee in Italy is better than the best coffee here [in England]. Today I have found the first exception to that."

Kekolo Customer 1/12/19 (2nd day trading)

Coffee is a considerably more complex process than most people give it credit. But then again most people haven't thought that deeply about how the cup of coffee they are drinking came about.

There are a multitude of variables that can alter the chemical composition of a coffee bean, which in turn affects their flavour profile. From the different species of coffee plant (Arabica, Robusta, Typica, Bourbon, Caturra...), to different growing conditions (climates, altitudes etc.), to the processing method (wet, dry, semi-dry), to the roasting curve used, all have an impact on the flavour profile of the coffee bean.

This is all before you even consider when the coffee was ground, what method of extraction you use, extraction timings, grind sizes, water pressures and even after all of this - what milk to use?!

Like I said, it is quite a process to create just another cup of coffee. That is why you often end up with not the best cup of Joe because it's legitimately rocket science (or at least most people's personal rocket fuel, apologies I couldn't help myself).

Rather than go into the nitty gritty details we will list the highlights:

 - The 2 most well known species of coffee are Robusta and Arabica. Robusta is typically used for instant coffee and is generally of lower quality. Arabica is generally of higher quality and around 10 times the price of Robusta. We only use Arabica coffee.

 - Coffee is graded on it's quality, flavour profile, how ethically sourced it is, consistency etc. If the coffee scores above 82/100 then it is graded speciality grade. We only use Speciality grade coffee.

 - Our coffee is sourced from El Salvador, India & Brazil.

 - Our grinder and coffee machine are calibrated daily to ensure the required grind size, extraction timings, shot weight, water temperatures, and water volume to create the optimum Espresso, specific to our beans.

A few words directly from our coffee suppliers on the start of their search for the perfect cup of coffee:

"We believe in blind cupping. That means that we have a selection of green coffees in front of us, usually from the same country and we have absolutely no idea what the coffee is, how much it cost or how it was grown. This way we focus purely on the quality in the cup and that is very important to us. Our importers only source coffee from origin for us that is ethically sourced and that has been paid above the minimum Fairtrade price and always way above the market price."

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