"Chocolate Is Great..." - Our First Failure

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

The Decadent Hot Chocolates we sell in the shop are simply gorgeous to look at. We then came up with the idea of using that same chocolate to make a chocolate bar and then top it just as the drinks are. Time to make some chocolate. Nice and simple. Get chocolate buttons, a bowl, a microwave, melt, stir, & pour. Simple... Wouldn't that be nice...

Okay so that didn't go to plan. It turns out my physics degree might come in handy when it comes to learning about the science behind being a professional chocolatier. A few weeks later and boom. My first success. I wish I could say it was the last of any failures to come but that would have been too easy... and who would want that? Easy is boring ;)

Millie liked the idea of fudge which she nailed first time. Sales went mad as you would expect and there was no way we were keeping up with that demand for much longer.

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