Exciting New Lands

As you will have seen in the last post. We were a little tight for space now. 2 x 100 sq ft rooms aren't that much space for now a 5 person operation. Time to find a new space, and oooh this is shiny and new... We will have on of those please. August we move in :D Did you know new warehouses don't come with electricity or lighting? That's a new one for us.

So making chocolate by hand without electricity in the middle of winter isn't that easy. So we still worked out of the coffee shop from 4am-8am, then over to the warehouse to pack orders from 8am-8pm. The number of problems/road blocks throughout this is just hilarious. Maybe we will start a Youtube channel to show you them going forwards...

But with my new packing station, I couldn't stop smiling ;) That's one happy chappy.

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