Taking The First Step... And A Little Stumble...

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Sweets & Chocolate...

Who knew that this could be viable.

Maybe it is actually a viable business... Well we have a space we aren't using and is closed due to the lockdown with a 5 star food hygiene rating. To the shop we moved. "Let's time it so that our biggest sweets order yet (~300kg) will arrive at the shop for the same time we do". The timing was impeccable. We had a 5 day dispatch time after the 7 day pre-order time. As we are perfectly caught up right now, by the delivery date (we paid for express delivery) we would have at least 2 days ahead of us, breezy. We turn up to Bath. No pallet. We make a phone call. What order?... hmm problematic. Oh they found it. It's arriving tomorrow. Great. Tomorrow comes. No order. We call our supplier - "let me phone the warehouse and call you back". No phone call back. Next day. "Oh it's coming tomorrow". Uh oh we are a day behind now. The next day - no delivery... - "s**t!!!!!!". So after a round road trip to their closest store in Birmingham and ~£1.5k on a credit card later we arrive back at the shop at 8pm. Time to get to work. A very late night, a very early morning, another late night and we are almost caught up. Then the original delivery arrives. Bloody hilarious. Now we had a few helping hands, we were coasting. Getting in new products, new packaging, just having fun - this is awesome :D

More and more sales come in and soon we are running out of room again. If you have been to visit Kekolo Coffee, this isn't that surprising haha.

So... what's next?

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