Growth Is Painful.

It wouldn't be fair to say that this was all a walk in the park. Millie and I have now been working 80 hours a week, for no pay, for the past 17 months. That does stuff to you that I would hope most don't experience. But it can be worth the trade off if you have worked smart too. A lot of late nights that ended like this...

Lead to more late nights that looked a little more like this...

Our move into the warehouse meant that we had more room for stock, more room for new ideas and a whole lot less time to tend to the human necessities like eating and sleeping. So fast forward a few months and we have a team of 16! (Lets be honest, nothing great can be done without the effort of lots of motivated people) I couldn't be more proud of them, each and every one does more than their part in smashing it out and creating something amazing.

The Kekolo Treats warehouse is buzzing 7 days a week now and looks quite different with stock bursting out the doors. There's a whole lot more to come and I wouldn't change a thing about the journey so far :D Here was an exciting step for us getting a contract directly with our Belgian chocolate supplier from our latest order of 1.2 Metric Tonnes! Ps. Millie is a giant...

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