COVID 19... Sat, Twiddling Our Thumbs... What To Do?..

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Kekolo Coffee closed and we moved home to make sure my mum wasn't alone during the lockdown. After about 10 days of relaxing, training in that gorgeous sunshine, a little bit of art, some reading etc.

Millie and I began to get a little restless.

We had always thought of taking the coffee shop online so that everyone across the country could try our delicious hot chocolates. We had even bought 7kg of Haribo from Costco. That was starting to get to me, just unnecessary mess if you asked me. "Millie please put it up on Facebook and just sell it" "Yea I will don't worry..." "No.... Do it now or you'll forget"... well needless to say we sold our 7kg pretty much instantly, the "Tuck Shop Tang Tub" was a real hit!.

We might have accidentally sold more than we had available, so naturally we had to order some more - we used every penny we had made and managed to purchase 27kg.

Again we sold out... "Okay, time to set up a website?" - was born and set up on a free trial. "We've sold out again...." "should we stop?" " let's go carry on selling on a pre-order bases"

We zero'd the bank account once again with the next order being for 81kg...

Again... we sold out in days....

"right this is getting ridiculous"...

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